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Helping you reach your best health and well-being

Areas of Focus:

  • Emotional Balance and Well-Being, Mind-Body Connection
  • ​Stress Reduction and Stress Management
  • ​Mindfulness Practices and Meditation
  • ​Work-Life Balance
  • Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Sleep Habits
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Personal / Spiritual Growth: Finding and Following Your Passions or Life Purpose
  • ​Self-Management of Chronic Mental Health Conditions (e.g. anxiety, depression, ADHD).

Frederique's approach to health is holistic. She  has a deep understanding of what it takes to harmonize body, mind, and soul. She looks at the whole person and takes into consideration various dimensions: physical, mental, and emotional. 

She will partner with you to design an individualized wellness plan based on your specific needs and life circumstances. She will also help you stick to your plan by being accountable and by building self-motivation. In the coaching partnership, you will feel empowered as you gain the clarity you need to create a healthier, more mindful way of living. At the end of the coaching process, you will feel energized and confident in your ability to maintain health-promoting habits and to address any challenge on your path to wellness.​​

When so many people find it frustrating to navigate the current healthcare system and get the attention they need, health and wellness coaching provides a calm, safe, and non-judgmental space for you to develop and maintain life-giving, health-promoting behaviors while building autonomous motivation and self-efficiency. 

These days someone can claim to be a coach even if s/he has not received any formal training and may be lacking the skills necessary to coach clients. So it is essential to work with a certified health coach who has the professional training and experience to help you make the lasting changes that you want to see in your health and in your life. 

Frederique Beaufils, MA, CHWC, is a certified health & wellness coach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching whose training program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 


Optimal physical and mental health 


Your partner in reaching peak wellness 

What does peak wellness look like for you? 

• Fit and strong
• Healthy eating 
• High energy 
• Robust health 

• Restorative sleep 

• Calm and resilient under stress 
• Balanced and confident state of mind 
• Fully engaged and satisfied with life

Health & Wellness Coaching