Coaching and Neurofeedback

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Is NeurOptimal® Training Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

NeurOptimal® brain training is 100% safe and there are no undesirable side effects.

There is no electrical current or magnetic field or anything else entering the body or brain. NeurOptimal® only gives information to the client's brain through the senses via the music and video. This form of training does not push one into alternate mental states or behaviors. The process is very gentle and nothing is forced.

There is no reason for concern that you will be changed so that you “don’t feel like yourself”. In fact, after releasing layers of worry and distraction, most clients say they “feel more like themselves or their new normal”. Remember that the essence of neurofeedback is self-regulation. Training is a process of undoing limiting mental habits that are no longer useful rather than learning a new coping strategy or technique. Nothing is being done to you, but rather you are optimizing how you learn and change from moment to moment.

​Ancient wisdom and cutting edge brain science have finally come into agreement: to live in the moment and to enjoy our health, sanity, inner peace and joy as they are unfolding in the present.